About Us

Sierra Foundation for Life Skills (SFFLS) was set up as a UK charity in 2014 to work in Sierra Leone.

What have we achieved so far?

Family Homes Movement (FHM) is a Sierra Leonean charity, and we have partnered with them to do the following:



SFFLS is started

SFFLS is started
In 2014, FHM introduced us to Mayenkineh; an impoverished area in east Freetown, where there is a school of a thousand pupils.  Here SFFLS dug a well providing fresh water for both school and community.

The Bakery

The Bakery
In 2015, we built a bakery in the same area, a unique facility, providing fresh bread to the school and community alike.

The Vocational Centre

The Vocational Centre
In 2016 we moved to an area near Waterloo called Deep Eye Water, where young women and girls caught in a generational poverty trap had been identified.  A vocational centre was built to offer training skills in catering and tailoring, leading to a qualification and opportunity for a career.

Vocational Centre Improvements

Vocational Centre Improvements
In 2018, SFFLS equipped the centre to a very high standard, making it fully functional. The first students started their training in June 2018. SFFLS has committed to paying salaries to the manager, tailor, catering teacher and secretary between June and December 2018, thus allowing them to build up a sustainable business.

Work Started on Building 2 Attached Homes

Work started on building 2 attached homes for widows in Freetown.  These will bring security and basic comfort to the elderly who have been through so much in their lives, including a brutal civil war, Ebola and now Covid 19.  They will live in these dwellings with extended families and farm the land around them for their nutritional needs.  We..Read More

A new block of Toilets

“A new block of toilets has been funded for the school community in Mayenkheni.  This is in the process of being built and is due for completion before the end of the year.”  (I will email a photo of the toilet block build separately for this).

What’s next?

We have received funding to dig a well in the remote village of Makandeh. This cannot be started until after the rains, so should begin sometime in October or November 2020.

Can You Help?


We accept cash donations as well as Bank Transfer and Direct Debit.

Bank Details: Sort code: 30 97 62. Account number: 36477360

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