The latest news from Sierra Leone.

Thank you for your faithfulness in prayer and finance. We thank God that our friends in Sierra Leone do not feel abandoned. I
f you would like to give to SFFLS, you can BACS a donation to sort code: 30 97 62, account no:36477360
Or you could send a cheque payable to SFFLS to S Lloyd at 37 Fairview Drive, Bayston Hill SY3 0LD

Covid 19 in Sierra Leone

The latest figures tell us that there have been 1,584 cases of Covid 19 in Sierra Leone, with 1,122 recovered and 63 deaths. Tragically, Ernest has been up country for the funeral of a very young medical doctor who has died from the virus. He provided both personal friendship and medical advice for Ernest and staff at Family Homes Movement. Please pray for friends and family of this young man as they mourn his loss.

What are we doing with your money?

• Each month we send the wages for 5 staff at the vocational centre in Deep Eye Water. This money keeps 5 families out of desperate poverty, with £90 being enough for them to survive for a month..
• We have been able to send relief funds for rice to families and communities in desperate need. We hope that we can do this every month in these difficult times.
• We send additional funds to continue to build houses for the widows. Our project manager in Sierra Leone is currently purchasing boards for rafters on the roof. This will be a

News from the Vocational Centre….

20 sewing machines have been donated as a start up opportunity for tailoring students who have recently graduated from their course.They also have a contract to make 3,000 masks for the schools which they can sew from home.
The catering students have graduated from the first cohort of students, several have been found work opportunities in local hotels.

Rice has been distributed to five communities in total, including two that are up country. As you will see, it is very much needed and appreciated. It is literally keeping people alive in such harsh times.