A call to pray for Sierra Leone

Dear friends and supporters,

We live in exceptional times, with new challenges coming at us daily.  We pray for protection on our communities and the vulnerable in these days.

We also know that Covid 19 has now reached Liberia, and fear is rising in the neighboring country of Sierra Leone.  Ebola spread from Liberia across the border six years ago, and there are many fears that the same will happen with this virus.  Ernest believes that if this virus takes hold, it will massacre the population – (those are his words).  Please pray with us that God’s hand of mighty protection will cover countries in Africa, and for our friends in Freetown.

On a more positive note, the toilets at Charles’ school are well on the way to completion, and we have just send another donation towards the building of widows homes.

Thank you as ever for your faithfulness and love for the people of Sierra Leone.


The Trustees

Verity Lowe, Sandra Lloyd, Steve Butterworth, Sarah Wolton.