Feedback from Trip – October & November 2017

The team had a great journey out to Freetown in Sierra Leone on Friday 27th October.  Jimmy, the builder suffered a snake bite which began to effect his leg, and needed attention.

Saturday 30th October 2017
The team visited the site, and had a quiet afternoon to relax and get orientated to the setting.

These blogs are a collation of the prayer requests sent out to friends and family over the time we were away.

Sunday 29th October 2017
Thank you for your prayers. Jimmy’s leg is improving but please pray for continued healing of the wound and reduction in swelling also for hospital appointment on tues. We had an amazing church service this morning, extremely lively! Clive preached powerfully and God did amazing things. Please pray for the team as we make an early start on the painting in the morning. Blessings to everyone.

Monday 30th October 
Thank you for your prayers. We had a great morning painting and the undercoat is completed .  blue paint tomorrow! Tomorrow starting stories in the preschool, great fun!also hoping to visit Alfred and other residents of the old peoples home and what ever else God has in store for us. Jimmy’s leg continues to improve and goes back to the hospital tomorrow for a check up. Thank you again. Blessings to everyone.

Tuesday 31st October
 It’s hard to describe today. Beginning with the tragic death of an 8 year old girl outside the school from a truck. Much sadness at this all too common tragedy. Please pray for Henri the headteacher as he deals with this amongst the school community.
Our painting went well and the pre-school session was wonderful. 30 under 5’s in a cramped and dark space lapping up the story of creation and knowing they are God’s children. Such priceless faces and wonderful smiles!
The afternoon brought a trip to Alfred’s home. We spoke to the residents and made simple calenders with them. Alfred was pleased to see us although he doesn’t speak much. We had a time with the residents sharing faith and prayers. Jimmy’s leg had a good report from the doctor today – healing well and the anti- biotics are doing their stuff.
We value your prayers beyond measure. Tomorrow we paint the outside of the building and will be doing a session with Yr 1/2 children. Phew!


Blessings to all.
Wednesday 1st November
Praise God! The girl called Beatrice hasn’t died but is in hospital. Please pray for her recovery. The painting is going great and is going apace. Work with the school has been a blessing, working with 6/7 yr olds and praying with teachers. Had a wonderful time of worship before supper. Clive’s mum is in hospital after a fall and his daughter Louisa and granddaughters Thea and Eva have caught a sickness bug. Please pray for Cyndi has she copes with this without Clive. Thank you for your continued prayers. 
Blessings, The team.
Thursday 2nd November
Hurray!  The build is finished! It looks fantastic! Ernest back from Italy and he and Charles will visit tomorrow for a meeting and to see the completed building. We continue to have an amazing time with all the beautiful children in the school  We were invited to the senior school scripture union at lunch time, these young people are just amazing something on every day including fasting and praying every Friday! We had an escorted walk around the village next to our hotel meeting the local people and giving away some of the bands to the local people. Jimmy to the hospital tomorrow morning his leg continues to improve. Thank you so much for all your prayers. 
Blessings to you all. X  
Friday 3rd November
We have all just eaten the biggest and sweetest pineapple in the world! Gorgeous but very sticky! Another great day. It is very hot,even the locals are complaining. Verity and Clive had a class of 90 children telling the story of Bartimaeus! We had an excellent meeting with Ernest this morning. We are having a celebration to open the centre on Sunday morning which everyone is very excited about. A short visit to the sea this afternoon but a day off tomorrow relaxing on the beach! Thank you for your prayers. 
Blessings to you all.
Saturday 4th November
Today was a wonderful time of adventure and relaxation as we headed for Banana Island. A boat trip and delicious baracuder fish for lunch! Tomorrow we hand over the building to Ernest with a time of celebration. Please pray for this as we work together with Family Homes Movement. Jimmy’s leg is doing well and he remains in good humour. Clive’s family are well and back at home. His mother is still in pain and in need of prayer. We are sending you bottled sunshine from this special place! Thank you so much for your prayers and greetings.
Sunday 5th November
We had a wonderful hand over this morning.
Ernest was both inspired and touched by the beautiful building and the hope it will give to the women who will use it. Tomorrow is a busy day with 500 children at the school- handing over pencils and sharpeners and wristbands to everyone. We will then go and visit Emmanuel and the head office of Family Homes Movement and meet the staff there.
We also hope to visit the polio boys who work opposite the office. Ernest is taking us to a project set up for child victims of the landside on Tuesday. Please pray for the logistics of this to work smoothly.
Your prayers are always a blessing to us.
Monday 6th November
This morning dawned early as we did an assembly for some 500 plus pupils. Received with much delight as the wristbands were given out. We then went to see the polio boys who have an amazing workshop where they make small stoves from the middle of car wheels. Emmanuel was next on our trip – so happy to see us and so diligent about how he cleans his healing wound. It is just one year since his leg was operated on. Please continue to pray for this young man as he looks for hope in his future. We are humbled as we see the harsh reality of life for so many out here. Tomorrow we will go and see the project set up by Family Homes Movement for child victims of the landslide, followed by our final time in the school where we will meet the community for a time of worship and prayer. Please pray for us as we prepare for our final day in this amazing place. 
Blessings from the Team.
Tuesday 7th November
We have had an amazing and emotional last day. We visited the site of the mud slide with Ernest and visited two camps for those who have lost their homes where great work is going on with excellent medical care and fantastic work with the children by Family Homes. Then straight on to a farewell celebration and time of worship and prayer with about 200 people from the local community. Lots of hugs and tears! Please pray for our homeward journey tomorrow. 
Blessings to everyone and thank you so much for all your prayers.

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