Prayers from Sierra Leone – November 2016

Diary of prayer requests for the team trip to Sierra Leone starting on 9th November and returning on 20th November 2016.

Thursday 10th November:

We have heard that the team have arrived in Casablanca with medical supplies for Emmanuel’s operation in the hand luggage.  A divine intervention on the X Ray equipment meant that the medication had a swift journey through.  A perfectly timed power cut put the camera out of action for the moments when the hand luggage was about to be scanned.  A potential dilemma has been averted – Praise the Lord!!

Please continue to pray for the final hours of an arduous journey through to Sierra Leone.  Sleep and protection for the team and their luggage.

Friday 11th November:

The team are very thankful for a great day. Pete and Steve have begun to mix concrete for the build.

Sandra, Sarah and Ellie have met Henry, the principal of the school who was literally jumping for joy at their arrival.

The team have met the classes that they will be working with next week. Each class has 50-100 children .

The school is extremely poor but oozes love.

Please pray for a good rapport between the children and the team.

Can we remember to pray when the team have the opportunity to pray for the community next Friday.

Sunday 13th November:

Good morning prayer team, it’s good to know that we are all very much a part of of the work in S.L.

Please pray for:

  • Strength to cope with the humidity.
  • Emmanuel’s pre-op assessment Tues and his op on Wed.
  • Weds evening’s visit to a large church Jimmy preaching team to pray for healings. Let’s join with them and be on the prayer team.
  • Pray too for Sandra and Ellie as they teach Bible stories and do craft in huge classes. Patience and wisdom re logistics I think!!
  • A visit to the City of Rest to minister through craft and prayer. Dear souls here need to know the love of God and freedom from their horrors.

Thank you be so blessed as you pray.

The Trustees

Tuesday 15th November:

Emmanuel goes into hospital for the operation on his leg today. It is a 23 year old wound and his bones have deteriorated quite badly. It will be a complicated operation.

Please pray for wisdom and skill for the surgeons. Emmanuel has a strong faith but is frightened. Please bless him with God’s peace. Let us expect God to work a miracle, nothing is too difficult for our wonderful God.

Bless you all x

Wednesday 16th November:

Hi prayers bless you all,

Emmanuel’s operation was postponed because there was no water in the city. Yes no water. The basics are very very precious in Africa and not to be taken for granted.

We are praying that the operation can take place ton Thursday. He was shot as a lad of eight 23 years ago, so as you can imagine the leg is in a bad condition. We are trusting God for a miracle. Emmanuel is a lovely young man who is full of faith.

Thank you so much for praying.

Thursday 17th November:

Due to terrific storms in SL unfortunately there was a power cut at the hospital and Emmanuel’s operation was cancelled again, please pray for strength for them all in the face of disappointment. He really would like the op to take place before Saturday when the team fly home.

Please pray for an elderly man who is homeless and destitute that the team have been trying help. They are hoping to arrange somewhere safe for him to live tomorrow. The team will be in school and praying for folk in the community tomorrow.

Please pray for determination in the face of disappointment. Thank you so much for praying.

The Trustees

Friday 18th November :

Good evening everyone there is much to praise God for tonight. He has heard and answered our prayers:

  • Emmanuel’s surgery went very well today. The team will visit him before they leave on Saturday.
  • Alfred, the elderly homeless man who has been sitting in the same spot for 2 years, is now in a home for the elderly. There was a lot of negotiation but this Christian man is now being cared for.
  • They a wonderful a.m. in school and also prayed for older pupils and people in the community. A 17 year old boy, deaf from birth, had his hearing restored. Hallelujah our God is an amazing God. Praise God for the team too what a great group they are.
  • Please pray for energy to pack and protection on the return journey.


Bless you all for your prayers they have made a difference.

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